$212,080,000 -- or roughly 2% of Google's total revenue for 2006 is the amount that is estimated that Ebay spent on Adwords. The kicker, rumours flying all over the net that since Ebay pulled Adwords, their traffic increased .. people now asking if Ebay was 'wasting marketing dollars'

Developing... and some hint of the story : Full Story


Why advertise?

Why would they have to advertise? They dominate the natural search along with wiki. At least wiki pages aren't expired auctions.

Yesterday I was playing

Yesterday I was playing around with msn's Searchfunnel trying to find comic search patten for daven's post (I couldn't find one) but I did notice a lot of the search funnels lead to ebay. It seems like ebay is a back up for a lot of people they can't find what they want in the serps.

some better numbers


basically: hey Google we don't really need you. We're a direct navigation web destination so quit messin us around.

maybe its just me

I'm seeing eBay a little less pervasive in the Goog organic results than previously. Search terms like fishing tackle, fishing lures, and socket sets didn't return 1st page results for eBay...they did in the past and with Father's Day imminent, I'm sure they've got plenty of offerings for those keywords.


This is going to be VERY interesting to watch.

I wonder what the fallout is going to be after Ebay traffic stays the same or even grows, after pulling the ads?

Is it likely?

Some of eBay's traffic over the past few weeks could simply be connected to their eBay Live convention that is going on as we speak? Enhanced visibilty from their advertising, forum activity, visitors looking for deals during the celebration, partners advertising their eBay Solutions???

Not to mention all the press they've gotten in the past few days with this brouhaha...

The search engines are becoming a way to navigate to the sites,

a replacement to the URL bar."

That's the ticket - create a brand and go typein. Will save you tons of money down the road.

So much for "performance based" SEO - while branding as a prime SEO target may have been hysterically overrated in the 90s, it's equally hysterically being denigrated now.

The recent rise of

The recent rise of Auctionads must by helping out with ebays traffic at the moment

Replacing the URL Bar

That's something we began to notice with one of our sites over 12 months ago. A lot of older surfers, both here in Australia and from the UK, were and still are typing the URL into Google and returning to the site every week or so.

"people now asking if Ebay

"people now asking if Ebay was 'wasting marketing dollars'"

You mean no one asked before?

Let's face it, they've gone from nowhere in the SERPs to dominating them. Who needs generic "Buy [keyword] on eBay" PPC ads when that happens?

They were buying presence before - now Google gives them that for free.


What I would give to see Google give a nice algo update that kills off uber-authority sites like wikipedia and ebay. That would just make my day/year

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