Yahoo selling entire sub domains to affiliate sites


With major brands finding more and more sub domains to spam Google Yahoo has gone a step further.

They are selling entire high ranking sub domains to sites that fill them with affiliate links.

Pretty much the ultimate in pre-sell pages.


UK laws?

Maybe there are UK laws about insurance advertising that only allow actual agencies to do such advertising? That's the only reason I could think of this but I really have no clue about anything in the UK. Maybe someone fromt he UK could fill us in on a reason other than greed, if there is any.

I used to work in insurance

I worked for an insurance company in the UK for 3 years and there are no laws that would mean Yahoo should be doing this.

Since the FSA took control it has been against the rules for somebody to give insurance advice unless they are FSA authorised. In this case the affiliate is FSA authorised but there is nothing to stop a non authorised person offering the same impartial advice.

Even weirder

What is that?

> What is that? Wow, I

>> What is that?

Wow, I didn't know Doug spoke Italian, rofl

That's shocking...

Yahoo is breaking all the so-called rules with this one.

Official spam sites.

One rules for us, another set of rules for you.

I've been disliking Yahoo more and more for years. At this point, all Yahoo are good for is tracking incoming links. Hopefully they can turn this one around with the change of top management.

I cant believe this is not

I cant believe this is not getting more coverage.

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