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At least we've still got bollocks!

bollocks has always been the essence of this place and people will revolt if you take heir bollocks away


Mod note:   I dont think this

Mod note:


I dont think this should be let through but Julia has clearly (and arguably understandably) pushing the boundaries on day one. I don't want to delete this thread without some consensus of other mods.So... thoughts lady and gentlemen mods/admins ?

I don't think we are going to

I don't think we are going to get rid of any categories (do we?)

We haven't changed the site (except for adding social buttons)...

We are also looking into why the "unpublished" stories can be still accessed via the direct link (I am hoping this can be fixed soon until we are spammed)

Typing on an iPad sucks with

Typing on an iPad sucks with autocorrection and now this goes into history with horrible typos and I have no way to fix it lol

Re: typos

I think I fixed it!

Thanks I think :)

Thanks I think :)

Mods and Admins: Before

Mods and Admins: Before modding a thread through is it possible that, if another mod, has put a comment there to be read and asking opinions, that its read and responded to?Old school manners and all that :)I am sure IW is fine with my comments though as she knows me well enough and is one of my oldest and dearest SEO pals ... :D

Re: Old school manners

Jason, I thought you were the one who published this whole thread (?) because I wouldn't do that... I just left my comment and kept it in "pending" to see what other mods think. Then I saw it live. Let me try to pull up the history to see what has happened...

Ann, if I authorised the

Ann, if I authorised the thread then that was my mistake. Let's move on and make this place rock again :)


Is really where the magic happened.  

I love the admin group already.

This should be fun :)

Welcome back TW!!!!

get you act together

correct me if I am wrong but should this thread not be removed and sorted out behind closed doors ?

Might be worth keeping up -

Might be worth keeping up - (1) a thread entitled "Bollocks" would seem in line with TW previous posting history and (2) now we have published evidence to IrishWonder's real identity  ;-)

Good to see everyone here

Oh shit busted :) but how

Oh shit busted :)

but how cool is that that the first post after the relaunch is indeed the one about bollocks? :D

yeah true

but one would of thought it was time to move on from that seeing every post is pre modded before it appears, anyone would think we can't be trusted eh ;)

Yea indeed, how about....

... Not pre modding those with 6 to 8 year old accounts?


good idea as we would never do anything under hand like that would we irish ?


good job seo's can add up too to get past the captcha ;)

No Spammers Here!

Well I see swosyFloakyfish44 and Quamuridaydayfish56 are online. I think those user names are just kinda fishy! But seriously now that they joined, doesn't that prove that we really don't need moderated posts any more?

See, all the trouble comes

See, all the trouble comes from those newly joined - I think Linda or Mick or I have better things to do with our time :) I am not saying moderation is not necessary at all - but it could be post-moderation, not pre-moderation on comments. Pre approving new stories before they appear is one thing - but premodding comments just kills the discussion.

Re: Pre-moderation

We had to switch to pre-moderation right after the launch because we too didn't expect so much spam. Right now the dev team is trying to solve this and we are hoping to get rid of pre-moderation today, but no promises yet!

just received an email about TW.org

5 1/2 yrs, feeling old now


I'm guessing there is already a thread for a pub meet-up

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