Every Social Network's Image Dimensions.


Andy Beal has posted on a superb piece of work by Lunametrics  showing every social networks' image dimensions.

It's one of those , not so small, factoids that a well planned social campaign needs but is a huge pain in the arse (yup arse, not ass) to put together.Well done Andy and an extra well done to Lunametrics.Edited by Jason to attribute correctly to Lunametrics..


Great work!

It's great to see Pinterest and Youtube included...


Credit for the infographic (which is super helpful, by the way) really lies with Lunametrics for putting together the original: http://www.lunametrics.com/blog/2012/11/12/final-social-media-sizing-cheat-sheet/

Thanks Burgo - I will correct

Thanks Burgo - I will correct the original post.


This is a nice reference to hand to a designer who can generate the graphics but isn't all that social media savvy.

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