Lunchtime Drinking - A UK Sport Only?


Dave mentioned earlier that he may have had too many pints this lunchtime.

When i lived and worked in the UK, in an office as one does, my Fridays would go something like this:

  • Do some real work in the morning
  • Start messin' around about 11:30
  • Down the pub for a 2hr lunchbreak and 4pts at 1pm
  • Come back at 3pm(ish) with a large kebab and lots of chilli sauce
  • Make a mess and fall asleep untill home time

and for anyone outside of the UK - This is not abnormal behaviour for an office worker :)

Is the time honored tradition of getting bladdered at lunchtime a UK only sport, or does this happen elsewhere in the world too?


Over a Pub

My father always said "If I had my life to live over.....I'd live over a bar"

H he ehe hehee he


Most Australians don't stop drinking

let alone start after lunch. We must have got it from you Brits. ;)

Gurtie I know what you mean about working near a pub - my office window looks over a pub carpark. I work from home so it's double trouble.


I was fired for that once :) Well, actually it was for coming into work in the morning drunk heh..

I would fire anyone coming ba

I would fire anyone coming back drunk to work.....unless they were drinking with me of course :)

lunch time drinking blimey

lunch time drinking blimey i have worked with guys who start as soon as their head is lifted off the pillow

These same people would have a 36 pint afternoon session and still make it out at night for more, either beer has got stronger over the years or they were just beer monsters...


Its been known for the bar staff at the local boozer near our office to start pouring the Kronenbourg 1664 as soon as they see us walk through the door. No surprise - we're in the UK.

When I retired the first time

in 1980, a beer at lunch was still okay. No one got their bowels in an uproar over it. 20 years later when I went back to work, you'd think every devil in the pantheon was going to brand you scarletly if you even THOUGHT about a beer at lunch.


I didn't say Americans DIDN'T do it...

...I only said you were considered a drunk if you did. ;-)

Never Heard of "Liquid Lunch"?

Around here it's very common for blue collar workers (particularly construction workers) to participate in what's called the "liquid lunch". That is, in the hour or so they have before returning to work, they down as many Buds as they can.

Why do you think the Central Artery Project (aka The Big Dig) keeps springing leaks?

funny thing about lunchtime drinking

we have a pub so close to the office you have to have better willpower than I do not to pop in and say hello.... and I thought I should stop with the lunchtime drinks since I was getting a beer buzz in the afternoon, so for a few days I had a lunchtime fruit juice and found that I actually felt equally fuzzy from that.

so at lunchtime it isn't actually beer that gets you drunk....

Only if you're a drunk... the US. Heavens, drinking anything before sunset is quite suspect here. I mean, there is the stereotype of the "three martini lunch" for high-powered Wall Street financier/executive types, but it's supposedly gone out of fashion since the 80's.

But what do you expect of a nation first settled by the Puritans, and later famous for Prohibition?

In Spain its called Siesta

The after lunch nap is officially sanctioned by the state, and called a siesta. Difference is we all go back to work afterwards

Everything closes (shops, offices, the lot except for restaurants and bars) from about 14.00 to 17.00, then they all open again till 20.00 or 21.00 with everyone refreshed and ready to go (or as ready to go as they ever are)

You get used to it after a while


that's pretty much a every Friday :) except I have a pub lunch

ask Ukgimp he's been here on Friday