Is modern search in its ugliest phase?


Looks like Buzzfeed hates Google. They say Google is awful for buring the past and the engine is no better at ranking new information too: "its ability to surface relevant information from the near-past and present is frustratingly limited too".

Facebook is the future of search, they say :)

Facebook's recently unveiled Graph Search has tremendous potential. The first version, which we saw last week, is about searching through data about your friends; the second version will be about searching the larger social graph on Facebook. The ultimate version - the one that could actually deliver what Google is attempting also - would use all the data posted to users' newsfeeds, from breaking news stories to images to interesting static web content, to return useful results from the social web, and use Bing to tap into the web web.

Some comments are also quite amusing:

- I said years ago that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was going to make Google worthless as an archival search tool. Google may have realized that we were soon approaching this "search desert" when months ago it changed the placement of its "search by" functions (from the left to the top of the page).

- You realize SEO includes Bing , right? Bing's algorithm is just a lot more tolerant to spam tactics.

- I don't know if Bing's algorithm is more tolerant to spam tactics, or if spam tactics are just heavily geared towards the Google ecosystem