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Fresh into Beta comes Zniff - The human search engine.

By humans, for humans

What you see is the very first version of a new breed of search engines. A search engine that uses human information from normal internet users to find and rank web pages. The results you see here are from a collection of roughly 1.5 million bookmarks gathered by the users of the Spurl.net bookmarking service.

Library Stuff says:

Add the tags from delicious and Furl (just two among many) and an advanced search page with lots of boolean syntax and this may be a neat tool.

I think it looks quite promising, though it clearly deserves it's Beta label, lemme know what you think...


Looks a bit too easy to spam

Set up lots of Spurl.net accounts and away you go :-(

Before you knew it their index whould be worthless



No results for search.

At least when Google do a beta launch it usually works. ;-)

I like the concept

If MSN used IE (although we'd all complain) they'd have a pretty good user base.
I can also think of ways to spam this technology but then each time an engine introduces a new ranking method it creates one more hurdle for the optimisers

Re-defining Search

I think too many SE's out there believe that to compete with Google, they need to factor in linking based algorithms as methods of ranking pages. This creates an "Also Ran" tag in a market that needs a shake up.

All of us (From high-end search engine marketeers to unsophisticated users) need to be "WOWED" and I reckon that the inclusion of consumer searching data must be the way to go.

1) Privacy - Dont keep it a secret. Tell consumers that when they install your toolbar, they influence your search results and that way, they help your search results to be more relevant. Get them on your side.
2) - Ensure that you have mechanisms in place that might not be completely spam proof but damn hard to beat. One would also need some smart thinking when it comes to alleviating the bias towards old websites over newer ones.

Direct Hit made a mess of it but I still believe that the concept is a good one. Should'nt Msn's dedicated search product team be focusing on this? Its not a question of creeping up in market share, its a question of re-defining the search category.

Too late

Before you knew it their index whould be worthless

I think it already is. :)

Looks a bit too easy

Looks a bit too easy to spam

There is no such thing as too easy to spam :D


What is it with dumb names for new search engines? Is there a "stupid names club" that these people belong to?

Zniff Dogpile Clusty...

Spam prevention

Hello everyone,

My name is Hjalmar Gislason. I'm the founder of Spurl.net and therefore largely responsible for Zniff.com as well - thanks for the interest and the comments.

Here's a little something that I wrote about spam prevention for Zniff.com.

We had some problems earlier (after all it's the first day of this bare-bones beta) so feel free to try the Google query again:

I won't touch the subject of the silliness of search engine names :)

We value feedback highly so feel free to participate in our Forums (see the spam prevention link above), drop me an email to hjalli@spurl.net or simply write more comments here - I've subscribed to the thread.


welcome Hjalmar

I'm sure you get some honest feedback here.
I'll have a bit more of a look and post back


for dropping in Hjalmer, do introduce yourself here - Im sure if anyone can provide good feedback, it's the Threadwatch boys and girls...

Anybody taken a closer look?

Hi again,

We've applied a couple of patches and things are both faster and (usually) more relevant now.

Take a look and tear it apart :)

Hmmm. Do a search for phente

Hmmm. Do a search for phentermine. Interesting list of results.

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