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An acceptable career?
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The BBC are running an interesting story about the porn industry's mainstreaming over the internet. Has a once thought of as seedy, but always thought of as lucrative industry gone mainstream due to technology?

In the UK alone it is estimated to be worth £1bn, says the Adult Industry Trade Association. It even has its own trade show which attracts more visitors than the Ideal Home Exhibition, according to its organisers.

It used to conjure up images of backstreet sex shops and dirty, old men, but the rise of new technology has meant anyone can set up a website and - should they so desire - become a porn star. So is pornography becoming an acceptable career option?

Francesca, 59, lives in rural Oxfordshire and is one of the UK's most popular internet porn stars. She has her own website and is known as a BBW - a big, beautiful woman. She charges £15 a month for access to erotic photos and film footage of herself having sex with subscribers.

I've never heard of a BBW before but im sure there are plenty of people out there that think she's just great. With so many sexual peculiarities to cater for, im sure the BBC are on the right track with this.

I know we have some adult webmasters in here, so without dropping links, for obvious reasons, do air your views...


Is this another example

Of the long tail at work (pardon the unfortunate turn of phrase for certain english readers who may spot a double entendre there) - the web can supply something for all tastes and interests and find a big enough audience to make it profitable?

I must confess..

..I sent Nick this link. I wasn't sure if he want it on TW.

But it is a serious point, porn has become mainstream if the BBC can handle it in this way

70% of internet porn traffic occurs during work hours - University Pennsylvania

The quote I like is

"All you need to be a porn star these days is a camera and internet connection. It also helps to be an exhibitionist."

Back when I was a lad, being photogenic seemed to be a requirement too, that's modern life for you

The adult entertainment indus

The adult entertainment industry has always been breaking new ground merging entertainment and technology, on the web and elsewhere. They were doing streaming video and charging a heavy price for it before anyone else was. Let's also accept that part of AOL's initial success was do to cyber-sex, and chat rooms, A/S/L anyone?

tech or culture?

I'm not sure if it's tech that has made porn mainstream; I think it's a generational thing. Porn is more acceptable and cool today.


Today's kids are growing up seeing stuff on TV that would have gotten movies X ratings 20 years ago. And the DIY aspect makes it more prevalent. Look what it did for Paris Hilton.

Porn more prevelant

Welcome to Threadwatch kuchinskas, do introduce yourself here

In Denmark, its VERY prevelant - they keep the hardcore magazines at childrens eye level - the Danes grow up not being very awed by porn as a result...

The Danes

grow up healthier by far than states'ers as a result too. The sooner the US gives over it's mid-Victorian crossed on early Puritan mindset the better.

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