What sharp SEO skills are you glad to have?


I am running an informal discussion thread in a few places, including right here, asking people about what SEO skills they're glad they have from their SEO days for marketing in our social search marketing era. Any fun tips or experience shared is greatly appreciated. Contributions get attributed when I publish them anywhere. If you give me your G+ profile address (or I find it on my own) I'll add rel=author on pages with your comment. Thanks in advance!


I often try to help clients

I often try to help clients make the most of what they already have first, this includes:

  1. Ensure Analytics is setup in a way that reporting on SEO allows you to take meaningful action.
  2. Recovering links from press that haven't linked to them (but mentioned their brand)
  3. Teaching people within the organisation to think more creatively about SEO in general (i.e. how should we consider SEO as part of this campaign)
  4. Use SEMrush to look at low hanging fruit - what are things we rank position 20-50 on that with some work we could improve.
  5. Build better relationships with people in their industry, do favours for people. So in return when you need something promoted or syndicated you have help at hand.
  6. Reworking poor performing content.

People often get caught up in the fact that they need to add more content, or build more links. Rather than using their existing base to improve the leverage of the campaign. New stuff will be the cream then.

client's perception!

When ever I get a new client all they want to talk about is SEO. However I rarely take on a client that only needs SEO skills, whether they understand this fact or not. Why? 2 reasons.

1) SEO only is so F*^&ing BOOOOOORING!

2) Quite often it is not what the clients site needs.

The skills that end up impressing the client and keeping them long term are my Competitor Analysis skills and my Conversion Optimization skills.

Having said all that, the skill I think that is "my best" the one I am glad I have. Is my ability to convert the client from an SEO only client to a full service client. This typically takes less than a month.

I'm glad I've been around

I'm glad I've been around long enough to have seen all of the Google changes, including how often they recommend one thing, only to turn around and recommend the opposite later on. It's this understanding of what Google generally wants, what Google says, what Google actually does, and what Google is and isn't capable of, that helps me strategize in the ever-evolving arena of search, social, local, mobile, and online marketing in general. Being able to think not only about what is good for the business and what is good for the user, but also what may or may not please the almighty G. is a skillset I wouldn't want to lose.

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