MS Office: only for Windows tablets


The new Microsoft Office suite has launched!

Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook have been redesigned to work better with touch-screen-controlled computers.

Sounds interesting. Oh, wait:

Microsoft confounded rumours by not releasing a version of the Office software for Apple's iPad tablets. It has also decided not to offer the products on Android devices.

Ah. So it's not actually designed for tablets, then? Just to work with the handful of Surface tablets that have been sold?

If we weren't already leaking badly away from MS Office, the failure to integrate with the actual mobile devices responsible for 98% of the market can only increase the rate of that, right?


Customer-centric - MS? No way

If you needed any confirmation of how customer-centric Microsoft ain't, this could not be a better example.

I'm not leaking badly from Msoft

I can't understand why SEOs choose GoogleDocs over Excel.... or Gmail over something they actually own for that matter.

Infact - Add Android, Chrome, GoogleAnalytics, GTalk and to the list of absurd things SEOs should stop using right now.

We are our own worst enemies. Go Apple or go Microsoft. 

I dunno. I recently bought

I dunno. I recently bought some software from Microsoft online. Unfortunately, I misspelled my email address in the process. While I could log in with the incorrect email address (the email address *is* the username), any update notices, or requests to change password, would not go to me. Yes, my fault.

MS Customer Service tried to help, but the username could not be changed. It was suggested that I cancel the order, then reorder (with the correct email address). This was essentially what I did, but it was more complex than that (getting Windows to display the upgrade button again without uninstalling so that I could order the software anew, and updating the serial number of the old software on my machine). Microsoft walked me through it, sometimes sending me on to a new help person (without having to re-explain, as I recall), until it was done.

Throughout it all, the MS folks were incredibly helpful, professional, and incredibly nice. All in all, it was pretty classy service.

As to what Receptional says above, I have to agree.

MS is their own worst enemy

As Barry said, MS has never been customer-centric. They're not prone to let their tech be driven by demand... they apparently prefer demand being driven by their offering. When they had more of a stranglehold on operational software, they could get away with that. In fact, they were pretty good at it.

Unfortunately, it worked so well, for so long, that they got comfortable with that strategy and failed to realize that their market strength was being sapped by alternatives. I wonder if that realization has set in yet, even now.

My experiences with their CS have always been good, too. But their high-level marketing decisions seem to be incredibly short-sighted for the last decade or so.

That said, on desktops and laptops, I still prefer their Office suite to the alternatives, and perhaps because I'm so accustomed to it, I like their OS better than Apple's (I unashamedly have never given Linux an opportunity). Second to Windows, Office is their greatest strength, and I think that if they don't change their philosophy on its mobile application, their future may be questionable.

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