How to get mostly useless Facebook Likes on the cheap


Here's a decent write up on how to get Facebook likes on the cheap. Explains a lot of the 'popular' pages I see out there, and shows why it's important to pay attention to engagement rates.


If you are going for

If you are going for irrelevant likes anyhow, why jump through all those hoops when you can just do a bulk buy on various black hat sites. Not saying that I advocate it, but if you get irrelevant likes then they are not likely to help you much in your market anyhow. Wouldn't a person be better off allocating some portion of their budget to directly targeting people in their industry on Facebook (so that any value that may in some way exist is passed) & then backfill with the cheeseball black hat like orders or such (for the broader social proof of value aspect)?

I can't see how Facebook would penalize for fake likes given how easy it would be for a competitor to buy them for you. And if you are spending money directly with Facebook I bet they would be less likely to want to penalize you for other stuff.

Lights are on

Agree with seobook in that you may as well buy them since they are very cheap. It's a solid part of social proof and works especially well in local search.

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