Are Yahoo! really late to the Party?

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Yahoo! Shows up Late to the Party
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I was interested to see Kevin Dugan say that he thought Yahoo! were late to the blog party:

He quotes Jerry Yang from his keynote at SES:

Web logging will be part of Yahoo's focus on personalized media. The company already is offering blog-publishing services in Japan and Korea, Yang said. While he didn't say whether Yahoo! would provide similar services in the U.S. market, he did say that Yahoo! will tie blogging into more of its services in the next few months.

then goes on to say:

Talk about showing up late to the party. Google owned blog search BEFORE it bought blogger. Microsoft has already stepped up its blog focus and I'd be willing to bet my Bill Gates and Robert Scoble action figures that Longhorn will bring us some blog-friendly features.

Weird how everyone is now a Search expert eh? I'd say Yahoo! were streets ahead of both Google and MSN - they have a ton of integrated, and much used RSS features and have great standing within the blogosphere - all they lack, is a blogging service - which they could probably do nicely without but would add a nice touch...

...and if it crossed your mind, no, i dont count myself a Search expert either - just have a very keen interest these last 4yrs or so heh..


I think the parties not even warmed up yet

Call it fashionably late.

If there are around 25-35 million blogs out there (best guess I can make based on 10 minutes research) and blogs have really only taken off in a big way in the last 9 months or so you have to assume that if there are 1.5 billion people with internet access (give or take) and perhaps half of them may have a blog at some point in the next, say, 2 years (some more than 1). That's about another 700 million potential blogs. Plenty of market share left for Yahoo or anyone else I suspect.

Whoever can handle chinese/japanese language blogs best is going to win the blogs battle and despite Yahoo! being big in Japan (I think) it may not be any of the biggies as we know them. If DoCoMo decide to expand into mobile enabled blogging as well as e-mail then who knows what's going to happen?

Blog hosting

Google's Blogger may be vulnerable. If Y! can come up with blog hosting as simple for users to start as Blogger but with a few decent features like subject categories they would gain a following. A lot of people outgrow Blogger for that reason. Plus I am sure many people who might use Geocities for a website might be interested in a blog too. It ain't over.

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