Clinton Political Strategist Targets Google in Fresh Wave of Microsoft Ads.


Microsoft has hired a former political pollister for Hillary Clinton to wage a smear campaign against Gmail. ReadWriteWeb writes,

"The recent smear campaigns appear to be the work of political pollster Mark Penn, who ran Hillary Clinton's disastrous 2008 presidential campaign and signed on with Microsoft to bring negative political tactics to the world of tech. "

Essentially the campaign tries to convice users that Google reads every email that passes through Gmail to match contextual ads in the header and margins. This of course, isn't a surprise to anyone that checks their Gmail with their eyes open. And apparently it seems not to matter considering Gmail is growing like crazy! Perhaps, Microsoft should have hired the folks that won in 2008 instead of those who lost, but then again, those folks aren't on the job market either!


"Gmail has surged to 425

"Gmail has surged to 425 million users"

Judging by the forum spam I get, Gmail must be the default email provider for Xrumer.

Why I use GMAIL. (Spam proof)

The Spam filtering(IMHO) is superior..I now run my Hotmail account into Google ..the difference is astounding.All Google would need to do is run a counter campaign...pointing this fact out..

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