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Kanoodle Launches Local Target
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Kanoodle have launched Kanoodle LocalTarget which they say is the first sponsored links program for local targeting.

Kanoodle has created a network of Web partners geared towards specific towns and cities, making it possible to geo-target your audience. So, when people visit your site through a LocalTarget listing, they're right where you want them - and ready to do business with you.

Our unique topic-based approach provides better targeting to truly relevant Web content - and the highly responsive audience you'll find there. We've defined topics that cover just about every area of interest you can find on the Web - and every product and service you might offer.

Giving the comments i've read on previous Kanoodle discussions im not sure I'd place any large amount of confidence in relevancy, but it's an interesting product, so if you try it out, please let us know how it goes!

thanks searchviews