Ebay Battles CraigsList - Good Domains Hard to Find

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eBay's Stealthy New Classified Ads Site
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BusinessWeek reports on eBays sneaky entry into the free classifieds and community market that CraigsList dominates.

The service, launched in 50 cities across 6 countries is called kijiji.com which if nothing else, goes to proove that finding good domain names is a tough business lol!

Following scattered rumors, AuctionBytes.com offers a bit of detail on Kijiji.com, which is a new network of classified ads that eBay quietly launched in six countries. The stated goal: to "bring back more of the 'village' feeling in our own communities." Although none of the country sites, from Japan to Germany, is in English, it looks like there are few listings so far. But eBay has been steadily moving into classifieds with the purchase of Netherlands' Marketplaats, Germany's Mobile.de, the housing rental site Rent.com, and a 25% stake in Craigslist.

eBay own 25% of CraigsList already...