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Anyone using Wiki's Here?
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Publishing technologies are fun. I like to use them, play with them and find good uses for them for SEO/publishing.

So what about the Wiki? - I asked about this over at V7N and although it's not a huge thread, it's starting to produce some nice links and information.

I do have a nice Wiki given to me by rcjordan who waxed lyrical on the virtues of Wiki's and personal work space recently but i've yet to have mustered jp the good manners or time to install the damn thing lol!

So, are there any threadwatch seo's using wikis to good advantage or is it just me looking at this?


Trying it out on an Intranet First

We have a lot of information floating around the office in different people's desktops and file cabinets. It would benefit everyone in the office if they could share that information, and a wiki is looking like one of the easiest ways to allow everyone to do that.

While I suspect that the value of a wiki may be different in an intranet than on the internet, I like the idea of trying it out internally first before trying to use it in an online project. I do think once we have it up and working in the office, if we like it, we may do something with a wiki online.

You can try out some demo versions of different wiki's at I haven't decided on which one to use yet - I'm going to let it be a joint decision to get some buyin from the other folks who will use it.


..for the link Bill, cool!

I still think there could be a way to use a wiki for seo/content purposes, i just cant think of one heh...!

One idea that did occur was to use it as it was intended but in these geeky/specialist little areas where building a loveley ecom enabled masterpiece just wouldnt make it on the ROI - get a bunch of [ insert geeky category ] fanatics, give them a place to air their thoughts virtually unmoderated and slap adsense on it...

Wiki pages seem to do ok in s

Wiki pages seem to do ok in search rankings, but I'm guessing that their real strength would be in attracting people who are interested enough in a specific subject to want to help build a definitive guide to it, just as you suggest.

Topic specific blogs tend to do pretty well in searches. A narrowly focused wiki might do the same. There are a lot of positives to enabling the building of a community.

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