LexisNexis in Massive Data Theft Scandal

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LexisNexis: 32,000 Consumers' Data Stolen
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absolutely unbelievable -

Data broker LexisNexis on Wednesday said that identity thieves have gained access to profiles of 32,000 U.S. citizens, prompting calls for better consumer protections after a rash of similar break-ins.

The announcement comes amid heightened scrutiny of data brokers and other companies that handle consumer information, after rival ChoicePoint Inc. said last month that thieves had gained access to at least 145,000 consumer profiles.

LexisNexis, a subsidiary of Anglo-Dutch Reed Elsevier , said a billing complaint by a customer of its Seisint unit in the past week led to the discovery that an identity and password had been misappropriated.

The information accessed included names, addresses, Social Security and driver's license numbers, but not credit histories, medical records or financial information.

I mean, what can you say? How can any company responsible for so much confidential data have such poor security?



I just heard of someone recently in the States who had fallen victim to identity fraud. Makes you wonder how *private* your information really is.

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