A Google Free Chrome?


Many of you know that Google's browser Chrome is based on the WebKit framework. Webkit is an open source browser engine that both Chrome and Safari are built on. However, reccently Google announced that they would be abandoning WebKit and continue Chrome's development on a simular project called Blink.

Now heres where the fun comes in: Webkit's developers have been talking pretty thoroughly about removing all traces of Google's code from Webkit after Google has made the transition. What does that mean?? It means that sometime in the future there could be a Chrome like browser that is completely Google free! For many SEOs, Chrome has been a forbidden fruit. The main fear is that Google could be collecting browser data through Chrome. 

If a Google free Chrome is developed would you use it? Do you use Chrome now?


check the subject line....

my favorite part of this story is the subject "Cleaning House" in the main discussion thread over at WebKit.....think theres some tension there? LOL

I would love a Google Free Chrome!

If the new browser kept most of the functionality and none of the Google tracking I would switch to it in a heart beat.

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