Microsoft is back on the offensive with scroogled



Having a consistent negative message with powerful arguments works very well on the campaign trail, if done right, I wonder how it is working for Microsoft, to assist in increasing the visability of their bing search engine?




Don't know about effectiveness, but someone has to say it...

Google's entire business model is built on being a good steward of the INSANE amount of private information they have about you. In this case, they are not being a good steward of it. What is particularly more troubling is the potential for an App creator to then use that information to tie back into your app usage, which may include some other activities that, on their own are not personally identifiable, but when joined with that personal information become concerning. For example, if you use finance or productivity apps, they can now attach your usage of the app to you as a person, which is a huge identity theft opportunity.

re: Don't know about effectiveness, but someone has to say it...

that is really scary stuff, rjonesx , I sometimes wonder if in some senses,  Google caught the wild west of the internet. I think that  Google rode a long a powerful wave of an unregulated web,  the wave is now starting to break.... data is addicitive and it is really easy to cross the creepy line...I was at an analytics conference recently and one of the underlying parts of one attribution session was straddling the creepy line - its hard... g

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