Google Removes "Related Searches" from its Search Tools


AJ Kohn sounds off on Google for removing related searches from its analytics with (Hulk Mad) Google Removes Related Searches.

"In the last year Google's made it more and more difficult for SEOs to do good work. And you know who ultimately suffers? Google. Because the content coming out won't match the right syntax and intent."


"Search" not "Analytics"

This feature was pulled from search tools and not from the GA platform.

"Search" not "Analytics"

I stand corrected. Thanks, Will :)

NP :)

You must be thinking "oh no not him again" lol


Not at all, Will - I appreciate it! I'm a blog editor, for goodness sake! I need to remember to have a second cup of coffee before I go posting stuff :)

Oh, I see.

Oh, I see... It was a 'before the caffeine kick' issue? I do believe it's perfectly acceptable to make one of them a day :p

I feel silly calling you out it out now haha

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