Content Marketing Art of War - SlideShare Presentation


Danny Brown's Sunday Share features a worthwhile presentation by John Lane of Centerline Digital: Content Marketing Art of War.

"As content continues to be one of the key factors for success in any marketer's toolset, this presentation adapts the teachings of Sun Tzu and shares several excellent case studies on how brands are adapting to the new content-driven marketplace."

David Harry did a similar Art of War adaptation in a series from the SEO perspective at The Fire Horse Trail website a few years' back. I'll have to dig up the link and share it. Stay tuned! :)


The Art of War SEO style.

Most of the David Harry AoW-SEO series is here:

There's also 2 more posts from it that aren't listed in that archive. Energy Part II and Energy Part III. You can find both of them on the homepage :)

@ ljcrest I helped this time XD

The Art of War SEO style - link to David Harry's series

Hehe, Will :) Thanks for digging that up! I thought I had it bookmarked, but apparently not... 

Most helpful! :)

I was helpful XD

Certainly was helpful that you mentioned it Laura because I had a couple of them from away back last year in my pocket archive but I hadn't read all of the series, now I've got it all archived I'm gonna power through them all over a couple of nights :D

It was helpful

Yay - glad to hear that, Will :)

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