Google updates its Authorship Snippet


Google has updated the Authorship rich snippet that appears alongside search results.

Strait away I noticed the removal of the +G button from the listing. Now to share an article you need to click the little green drop down next to the url and choose share. I don't really understand the reasoning behind adding this extra step to share.

Other differences of note are the removal of the 'more by' link. Now to see additional results you can click on the author picture. To reach the author's G+ profile you can now click on the amount of people who have them in their circles.


Don't you think this is

Don't you think this is better hence more clicks to the actual article being searched for?

hmm... possibly

Yes, Incrediblehelp, that's likely the reasoning behind it! I sort of clicked onto that fact literally moments after I had submitted the post lol

But I still would think it's strange for Google not to be pushing the G+ shares on Author snippets.

Maybe for once they are doing

Maybe for once they are doing something for us instead of them????????

Might be right about that.

Might be right about that. Strange that my go to response anytime Google changes something is 'how does this benefit them' rather than 'how does this benefit me' haha

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