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Lightscribe Welcomes Your Feedback
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Weblogs Inc's new initiative with Focus-Ads, that allows readers to comment on and discuss Engadget's site sponsors follows a small but growing trend in bringing Advertisers into the conversation.

A small while back one author was spotted using advertising to link to comments on his book, which in itself is pretty neat for that kind of product. We've even done something similar here at Threadwatch with the Cash Keywords Giveaway, where we gave away $150 worth of product to members and let them trash it or rave about it in the thread. For the record, it went down extremely well, and i think for folks wanting to get in front of the Threadwatch audience it's a great way to become part of the disussion.

Weblogs Inc's way of bringing advertisers more exposure and opening them up to criticism is good, but im not sure it could work here as i would worry about those discussions being bumped up on the recent posts list which is the heart of this site.

I couldn't find any reference to policy on comments on Focus-Ads but knowing Jason's obsession with transparency i'd doubt they'd delete negative comments and although Lightscribe, the company being discussed do not seem to be participating in the discussion as yet, i'd hope to see them involved at some point as that's clearly the idea right?

Im still keen on giving Threadwatch users cool stuff as a way of advertisers being discussed in the threads here, and have been talking to two of our new sponsors (we're set to launch the ad supported redesign next weekend) about just such things - Im not wholely against the Focus-Ads idea, im just not certain it would be a good move for this site.

Time will tell, and it'll be interesting to see how negative comments are handled and how the company involved contributes to the discussion...