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Yahoo Tests Blend of Blogging, Networking
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AP report that Yahoo have finally announced plans to join the blogging and social networking game with Yahoo 360, a mix of tools to be released on March 29th that includes blogging, photo sharing and social networking.

Yahoo is testing the service with a small group of employees, some of whom have been working on the project since last year when the product was operating under the code name "Mingle."

The service is designed to enable Yahoo's 165 million registered users to pull content from the Web site's discussion groups, online photo albums and review section to plug into their own Web logs, or blogs, the Internet shorthand used to describe online personal journals.

Yahoo also is making it easier for the service's users to connect with others who share common interests and friends - a practice known as social networking. Participants can either choose to open their blogs to the entire world or restrict access to people invited through e-mail.

Meanwhile, Forrester's Charlene Li talked to Yahoo about the service. Apparently she's old mates with Julie Herendeen, VP of Network Products at Yahoo! Charlene adds a little more detail to the AP story saying that the new service will essentially comprise of three main components:

  1. Blogs for Yahoo! users. You’ll be able to control access to the blog by designing how can see which sections. Presumably, this
  2. The ability to add content from within the Yahoo! network to the personal space. This will primarily include Yahoo! Photos, but also any reviews you’ve written for local businesses, music/movie reviews, and Yahoo! Groups. This will eventually evolve to also include non-Yahoo! network content, presumably through RSS feeds (an extension of Yahoo!’s RSS service available today on MyYahoo!)
  3. Be able to see reviews from people within your “social network”. This would include music, movie, and even local business reviews, with the idea that you trust the reviews more from people that you know. It’s a little unclear at this point (I was being briefed right before getting on a flight) whether this feature will be available with the launch or in a later edition.

Maybe come March 29th we'll finaly find out if rumours of a Fickr purchase are true or not as we find out exactly how photos fit into this mix...

Ok, where's my damn invite then?


Press release

Press release out now

  • Blogs -- Create a blog, post entries or pictures from mobile devices, view friends' blog entries at Yahoo! 360 Degrees, My Yahoo!, Yahoo!'s Mobile Internet service or through any RSS reader
  • Photo sharing -- Share Yahoo! Photos content and upload new photos from mobile devices
  • Easy communication -- Send and receive instant messages via Yahoo! Messenger and see when friends are online right from the Yahoo! 360 Degrees "My Friends" page
  • "Blasts" -- Share a quick idea, a cool website or ask for a recommendation with the Yahoo! 360 Degrees "blast" feature
  • Yahoo! contact management -- Easily manage contracts and stay in touch with friends, thanks to a centralized list of all Yahoo! Messenger, Groups and Address Book contacts
  • Community building -- Search for people with similar interests from across the Yahoo! 360 Degrees network
  • Content sharing -- Share photos, reviews, LAUNCHcast Radio stations, groups and more quickly and easily
  • Recommendations -- Recommend favorite books, movies, TV shows and restaurants to friends and associates
  • "My Friends" page - Stay up to speed with the latest blogs, photos and comments from friends all in one central location


Good recaps, Nick.

So what's the value proposition here? I couldn't care less about "see when friends are online" and "search for people with similar interests" and all that garbage. "Recommend favorite books and movies" to friends? Do I need a new service to help me figure out how to do that?

Sure, I know I'm not the target audience here that Yahoo is going after, but does the average internet user need/want all this?

Er.... with pleeker on this one.... I've never needed/wanted all that crap between me and the 'net. Not likely to start now. WP on my own sites does me for blogging, I absolutely do not give a rat's ass about "sharing" photos etc.

But then, I'm not "normal" either.... My cousin, contrariwise, IS "yahoo normal". Which is why I'm headed back there in May to set up her new machine so she doesn't trash it in 2 months this time *sigh*

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