Why You Should Get Penalized by Google, Too


I have no idea how old this post is, but it is a timeless concept: http://www.hungrypiranha.org/blog/get-penalized/

"It can be argued, with solid data to back it up, that the risk of following Google’s guidelines is greater than the risk of going beyond them.  It’s the risk of perpetual obscurity.  Your awesome site will never be found because it’s always being outranked by those who do more."

You have to be found in the first place to get organic links. If writers have never seen you anywhere, they sure can't link to you.


Hear, hear

Hear, hear

Exactl right.

Quite frankly many of the big blogs out there started with blackhat and greyhat techniques. Or at least techniques that would now be considered BH or GH. Now their brand signals overwhelm those bad links and Google can't afford to drop them from the index. So yes you should be pushing the boundaries. Here is a good article Ben Cook that explains why SEO's should be pushing Google and if you are not then you are quite frankly a shitty SEO. http://squawk.im/industry-news/seos-should-get-sites-banned/

Evil circle: You won't be

Evil circle: You won't be found without links but if you dare to try to be found, you'lll be banned :) But in the second scenario you'll at least LEARN something instead of just sitting and waiting to be found :)

FYI: This post was published

FYI: This post was published July 3, 2012. According to my Google searches :).

Content needs dates IN the content!

Thanks, Martin. I understand why sites remove dates, but I hate that practice. We need to know if content is still relevant. In this case I knew it was, but there are a lot of topics that knowing the original publication date is critical. If the post isn't dated, often the comments are so you can at least get a close guess. If there are no comments, do we really want to spend our valuable time searching to find out? 


If you don't have dates on your content, consider adding them. 

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