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Google Adsense now offers Adlinks
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With the recent addition of Google Ad Links to the Adsense offerings, i wanted to find out what Threadwatch members thought of them.

Barry Welford at cre8asite seems to like them. Talking about two possible groups of visitor to a web page he says:

Some were looking for a specific product and happen to have ended up on your web page. Your page doesn't sell this product. However with Adlinks there's a clickable link on relevant Google Ads. They click there and may be presented with a page with say 10 Google ads on it. They can scan through these and select one or more that seem relevant. So if someone is motivated to look for a product, I believe Google is serving up more relevant information.

Others may just be interested in the topic of the web page for itself. They weren't looking to buy anything. However they're intrigued enough to check the Adlinks link. Scanning the Ads, they may be interested enough by the wording of a particular ad to click on it. So you have a greater chance of picking up "impulse" clickers.

I've just set up an adsense account for this site in addition to the sponsorship sections with the redesign that will kick in this weekend and wondered if anyone had actually tried these ad links yet and what they thought of them.

On looking at the graphic i linked to at the top, they seem quite good there - particularly for visitors to blog posts that arrive via a search engine. The traffic Google and others send this site is near worthless for the most part, although i've never fully analysed it, it does seem to be mostly folks that would have no interest in what Threadwatch is and does, maybe adlinks is a good idea for situations like that...


Just tried

As soon as they come available put them on one site, I think people have clicked a few times out of curiosity. I really need to implement that javascript adsense tracking solution to see which links are being clicked and wait and see.

Javascript Tracking

I really need to implement that javascript adsense tracking solution to see which links are being clicked and wait and see.

What tracking solution is this?

Pretty good CTR

They've been on one of my consumer sites for a few days, top right aligned to the text on the pages, and I'm getting 5-6% CTRs. Like chris said it'll be a curiosity-click thing at the moment.

Wasted visitors

Rememeber i said a lot of the SE traffic here was wasted? See todays top referer heh...


From a user's perspective, especially the less net-savvy user, they can look like navigation. I've added a few Ad Links to the generic vertical left aligned navigation style. Although i've yet to track the clicks, i think there's a chance they could convert quite well. Mind you, i totally agree with the curiousity factor.

But i can't help wondering; will they overload the keyword density on the page? Although is keyword density really an issue nowadays?


As they are Javascript they wont get counted as content so not affect keyword density or any other part of algo?

On webmasterworld

Just trying to find it, lost my bookmark. AA even said it was ok to use it ..


Found this, but it is not javascript..it is a perl or php script.


Anyone have any experiences with tracking adsense? If so, I'd love to hear about them (what you use, if they are good, bad, etc..).


I should imagine normal text links are much more lucrative, though, where applicable.

Tracking Script

I started doing this a couple of weeks ago; I didn't have much luck with the stuff in the WMW thread (it appears a few messages with some of the more finely tuned approaches are no longer in it), but I ended up buying one of the cheap commercial scripts (not sure if we are allowed to mention specific products).

It consists of a javascript that's added below the last adSense ad on the page, and a PHP-based reporting system. There was also an e-book of tips that will mostly be familiar to anybody who reads the various adSense forums.

I've gotten a lot of use out of the thing; it has some limitations (apparently you can't track clicks from Netscape/Mozilla/Gecko browsers due to some differences in the way the DOM is handled) but it's been very useful in learning which pages were generating clicks, referers and SE keywords involved, and which ads were being clicked.

It would be just perfect if it could also tell you what you made on each specific click :-), but you can get a fairly good idea by comparing it with channel data from adSense's reports.

I have no idea yet whether or how it handles adLinks.

Please do...

>>not sure if we're allowed.

We like relevant links here meta4ic...

No problem...

Thanks, Nick;

I was pretty sure that was the case, but always better safe than sorry :-)

I'm using "AdSense Gold" -- you can find it here: http://www.adsensegold.com/

(Of course, I'm also happy to provide an affiliate link if anyone prefers :-)

>aff link

That wont be necessary :)

So, how good is that program and what does it do?

Oh no.... it has one of those godawful shitty snakeoil seller sites... i'd not buy anything from a site like that on general principle...


It does pretty much as I described above. A couple of other notes; it will tell you the ad layout that was clicked (in case you're split testing layouts), and it will let you select a date range to report.

It tracks from multiple domains (you can install the script on one and call it from any), and can break out reports by domain. It tracks impressions as well as clicks, so you can see clickthrough rate, or view a report showing (for example) pages that were and weren't clicked on a specific domain on a specific day.

All in all, I have to say that I've gotten my money's worth out of the thing; it probably paid for itself in a week just by letting me know what was performing and what needed attention.

It also saves a bit on the inevitable "what the hell is wrong with adSense" days. Yesterday sucked for me; adSense showed my clickthroughs down across the board. Looking at the tracker, I saw the same effect, so I knew it wasn't just that they were forgetting to count a few :-)

The package also includes some other stuff -- a collection of "high paying keywords" (nothing I have any traffic for), and some articles you can use for filler content if you like reprinting articles.


> Oh no.... it has one of those godawful shitty snakeoil
> seller sites... i'd not buy anything from a site like
> that on general principle...

lol.. Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day :-)

I had about the same reaction, but I figured for a hundred bucks, it was worth a chance. The script is fine, the rest of the stuff is probably useful for somebody or other, but I bought it for the script, and am happy with it.

When I realized this stuff was trackable, I spent a morning looking around, and at the WMW thread, and about all I came up with was writing it myself (and $100 doesn't buy many billable hours from me :-), or using one of the hosted solutions.

Since I'm not comfortable sending all of my info on which keywords are working and which aren't off to someone else's site, I rolled the dice on this one, and figured if I ended up having to write my own, I wasn't out any serious money anyway.


Well, thanks for that, it's much appreciated meta4ic..

Are there more of these things out there? I presume there are...

I expect

A lot of solutions went commercial after the wmw thread so there will be loads :O)

I am thinking of doing a page/blog click through tracker, might include this functionality ..

Font size

I notices that the font size of the 4 link versions are larger than the font size of the 5 link version. ( at least in pictures )

I would be great to test out the clickthrough improvements.


on a related topic, this was reliably recommended to me for publishers looking to track more details on their AdSense click-through details:

Not tried it, though.

More AdSense

This may be better for a new topic, but will post here....

Has anyone noticed a drop in their revenue from AdSense over the last 2 weeks or so? My views, clicks and click rate are pretty much the same, but my CPM has significantly dropped.

Of course, this would be easier to figure out if they actually provided us more reporting detail as well as what % of the click cost they actually pay to their partners.

But anyway, just wondering if anyone has noticed a drop.

AdSense Tracker

The AdSense Tracker on related-pages.com is (I think) the same as the one in AdSense Gold -- it just bundles all the stuff on that page for the same price...

the trackers

not to take this thread even further OT, but i remember when the adsense tracker thread first started. a month or two later everyone was 'selling' one version or another. there are a couple working ones that are free, though. one was on the thread at WMW. the other i had to look at the guy's info page, saw the domain on his email and found it that way. best bet is to start at the end of that thread and work your way back. ;)

I'm curious

It's been about a month, how have the adlinks worked out for everyone?

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