Either you will have to log in to use the adwords KW tool or google is replacing it with the planner tool...WUT?


Today, when I tried to use the non-logged in google adwords keyword tool to do some on the fly KW research, it got immediately redirected to Google account login screen.

According to this article , the keyword tool was redirecting to Planner Tool. When I tried to get to adwords keyword tool, while logged in, it worked fine. ...it would be weird for them to remove the keyword tool, the planner is a different thing....to me anyway...


I noticed this a couple of

I noticed this a couple of months ago, but then it started behaving normally, so I thought that was a temporal glitch. I've heard a rumor they were going to close the tool and it looks like they are going to make it less "external" now :)

Haven't seen it yet

I haven't seen that yet, but I suspect we will eventually.

we're seeing a notice above adwords

For us it is appearing as a notice...I just hope that don't kill the whole tool.... that. would. suck.

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