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Automated web-crawler harvests resume info
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More niche Search hits the mainstream press as ZoomInfo.com is featured on New Scientist as well as AP today...

I had a little play with it and found it hard to judge it's true worth, though it'll no doubt be a useful addition to an ever increasing bookmarks folder for Search tools.

New Scientist said:

The site is free to use and went live on Monday. It will be particularly useful to head-hunters, recruiters, journalists and networkers, says ZoomInfo's chief scientist Michel Décary, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. In future it may serve up paid advertising as well as query responses but right now he says its purpose is to find more subscribers for the company's premium search, which charges recruiters $1000 a month.

You'll note Danny "media boy" Sullivan has been out doing the rounds again aswell in the article :-)

The business model is a little dubious, but it's interesting nonetheless.