WPN have put me in a Suit!

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The SEO Game is Getting Harder
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WPN, who republish some of my personal posts here at Threadwatch have photoshopped the pic they have of me, and put me in a bloody suit!

I haven't worn a suit in 5 or 6yrs dammit... My first reaction was to email Rich Ord and tell him to bloody well pack it in, but then it is kinda funny, and really, what do i care?

Sheesh, how weird can it get eh?



How appropriate, i see the adsense above is showing an add for costumes and clown hats.. oh the humiliation... heh!

That graphic

looks a bit like a cheque (check) if you sign it in the bottom right hand corner.

he he he

very handsome! - although it would be better if it didn't look like it was three sizes too big for you :)

But it could be worse (starts searching for a pic of a suitable dress....)

When I first saw that I thought

what the hell is Nick doing with a suit on?

now I know ;)


At least they didn't photoshop you a shave.

Makes you look a bit like a gangsta imo.

"You lookin at me? There ain't nobody else here, you must be lookin at me..."

Too funny!

You look lovely mate!! HA HA Ha!

If I had Photoshop over here...

...I'd have pasted a black bowler on that already :-)


>>black bowler

LOL! Oh that would be perfect.

This is too funny.


come on nick admit it, you got dressed up and posed for that picture, but now you're too embarassed and you are claiming photoshop hehehehe

looking so cool

Nick looking so cool as a city gent


Hey Nick, you look good in a bowler. Nice job on the photo mick_g.

I bet the dogs would bark at you Nick if they saw you in a suit and hat.


Im sure they'd both love it :-)

Bailey gets all confused if i put a treat under my hat, she starts looking round the room for it, she just can't comprehend that i would 'hide' it from her there heh...


Sorta gives you a "landed gentry of SEO" touch, doesn't it? More, more! :-)


Just thought about it. How about a brolly going over the shoulder - a bit like John Steed.


when i read the title i thought you meant *law*suit ;)

Watch out...

Makes you look a bit like a gangsta imo.

Be careful, last time I said certain people from a certain company looked like they were in the mafia, I received a cease and desist letter!

Looks even cooler now

Looks real cool posing with Emma Peel

even Nick is getting 302 hijacked these days :)

Shave and haircut, sir?

Shouldn't think the lad had looked like this got a while


That one there with Emma Peel (whoever she is) is awfully cool!

Nick you look like a cool movie star! Awesome.


My scraggly winter beard actually came off last weekend :) I have decided it is spring goddamit!

Jill, i dont know who she is either, but i'd like to get to know her better :)


See...now I want to see Nick in the leather pant suit.

I think you look grand

and at least you're not naked.

Still it does raise the question where is the line about how you can be represented graphically online. In this case they really should have checked with you first.

Such a sexy guy!

Since I've never seen you one way or the other, I'll take the WPN version. I'm with Jill, connected with the dame in the leather catsuit, it's a great view! *laughing*


Emma Peel (whoever she is)

Emma Peel was a character in the cult TV series The Avengers. She was played by Diana Rigg.

And that's not...

...a photo of Diana Rigg. That must be whoever played her in the remake movie they did?

This will be the poster

outside the hotel for the meet next month.

(the one with the brolly, hoochie and all)

if they mated

alla Connan O'brien. hehe :)

Spawn of W

ahem... im not sure Mrs W would approve heh...

Here's the real spawn of W (i know, i was just itching for an excuse...)


She's been caught by GoogleGuy, and been dealt with accordingly....

But would Mr W?

Very very cute!! Awwwwww.

Data challenged

So what's the spawn's name? Age? SEO record?


sorry, her name is Robyn. 3 and 1/2mts, not very heavy, likes playing "horsey" :)


A really fun age if they're in good health. Do you good. :-)


ahem... im not sure Mrs W would approve heh...

Not *this* Mrs. W. either! ;-)

Robyn is really getting cute now, Nick!


Just named a foal after her ;)

Robyn Nests And Jewels. After Tiara. So its Tiara's Robyn Nests and Jewels. She'll be a triple registered Paint. Foal came 70 minutes ago.

Out of your paint mare you talked about riding not long back, DG?

After 3 slashdottings, they decide to invite him round..

Got to put on a suit for big occasions. Apparently they have decided to buy Mr Wilson out.

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