Instagram adds embed feature for Videos and Images


I'm not an Instagram user, probably because I'm too old to enjoy seeing my food in Sepia filter, mostly because I got my fill of that by watching the Wonder Years. But those who are and also like to blog might have just gotten some great news. Instagram is now allowing users to embed videos and images. This doesn't seem to be an option, so just like YouTube videos pretty much anyone will be able to use the embed code. Embed codes are done with an iframe that uses a special page on Instagram's website designed to display your images and videos alng with the typical instagram look and feel. 

It looks like Instagram tried to SEO these embed pages by adding the meta robots tag "noimageindex" of course that probably won't do much for their video pages. Effectively they've created an SEO nightmare, but I doubt that's their priority. It's a shame, I bet Instagram videos would have done a good job of ranking in SERPs against YouTube.

You can see the embed code in action on this video of Elysa Ellises cat

original page:

embed page: