Jonathan Rentzsch - Massive Mac Guy Interview

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Behind the Red Shed, with Jonathan 'The Wolf' Rentzsch
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The Drunken Blog talks to Jonathan Rentzsch. If you're a techie Mac Head, this should be interesting. Considering the content, though, he should've started with an Asimov rather than a Dr Who reference.

Every developer community has its "Doctor Who's". Faces who show up at all the conferences, always seem to have their hands in the cool stuff, and everyone in the know knows their name but not a whole lot of others do.

Jonathan Rentzsch is one of those people, and is a guy who wrote his own preemptive multitasking engine for the Classic Mac OS that benched in 400% faster than Apple's built-in Thread Manager for copying files. For Mac OS X, he created a solution to allow developers to do things they couldn't otherwise do called mach_inject and mach_override -- similar to Unsanity's APE -- and released it under the BSD license to be incorporated by anyone.

As a special easter treat, Rentz agreed to do the blog and let me pick his brain about a whole range of subjects including, but not limited to: mach_inject/mach_override software, WebObjects, Apple and enterprise, code optimization, programming languages, Core Data and even the rarely-discussed Mac software casting couch...