@JimBoykin's qa with @JohnMu: on Link Removals and Disavows...


We've asked many questions before. This week Jim tried to get the answers (that's the the whole script of the dialog between the two)

Here are my favorite parts:


Jim:  … but if you show things that I don’t know of… you know what I mean?

John:  Yeah.  I mean, we have technical limits in Webmaster Tools of what we show there which is, I think, 1,000 links from 1,000 domains, something around that.  So depending on how the website has links it’s possible that we can’t show all of them in Webmaster Tools.


Jim: ...How come you show so many DMOZ scrapers in the Webmaster Tools?  Do I have to disavow the DMOZ scrapers?

John: ...Usually the DMOZ scraper stuff are things that we know about so that’s not really something that I’d focus much energy on.


Jim:  So, then how come we have a disavow, if you can just tell the bad links and just not count them?  If there’s bad links that are an issue, why do we have to do the disavow?  Why don’t you just not count them?

You can do the reconsideration request to kind of have this partial/manual action removed and that gives you the ability to keep, essentially, the rest of the links that are also associated there and have them act normally again.

Jim:  So, if it’s not manual and it’s algorithmic, why don’t you just not count those links because you’ve algorithmically found that they’re bad?

John: this is something where it’s worth kind of working together to make sure that we can kind of clean up this issue in a way that you can continue working on your website without having to worry about this potential anchor kind of pulling you back.


Jims next question should have been

John does Google use this info in some other way?

I don't think there will be a

I don't think there will be a definitive reply :) Rather "from what I am aware of, probably not" :)

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