Gmail to offer 2GB storage

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Google Boosts Free Storage in Web E-Mail Battle
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So is Google trying to get some good mojo back by giving you more free email space?

Google Inc., which took the first shot in the free e-mail storage battle with the release of its Gmail product last year, said on Thursday it is doubling free storage to 2 gigabytes shortly after Yahoo Inc. matched its original offer.

Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) said the increase will not be the last from the company, which intends to make further free storage increases on its Web e-mail system as user needs expand.


Most of us will never use it

I guess the calculation is that 95% of people will only ever use a little space and the few who really, really want limitless space can be easily handled. Until we're all sending video mail I guess.

great place to store backups

For those in need of remote backups, bundle up everything into a PGP processed zip then use a commandline mailer to move it into Gmail.

Hey, you can never have enough backups and its free!

If its just html, then forget the PGP and it might even get an index boost :)

It's great for back ups but I especially like

the way it's counting up to the 2 GB. As we speak, being 23:28 they have arrived at . tadatada..

I don't know what it is but counters counting up always fascinate me.

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