Google disavow tool: We are building our own trap via @irishwonder


Irishwonder has put it very well: Google is using all of us to create the "invisible" filters and flags: It's everyone of us who is using there Disavow tool who is responsible:

Google has depended on user input in the past, they have been known for encouraging spam reports, paid link reports, feedback on various updates they were rolling out etc. – this time however, it’s much more serious. They are now instilling the view of links – any links – being dangerous in people’s minds, and links ARE the nature of the web, if Google disappears tomorrow the web will still be made of links, content and links between it.

But what are we to do?


Aaron Wall and others....

Aaron and his crew and few of us have been saying this since the tool was released. Google and Matt Cutts have found the perfect way to find data about bad sites.

Who better to give them this data than SEO's? There has not been one reported verifiable account of a site doing better after a disavow. The opnes that have bee reported are on flaky sites with flaky articles.

Even if it did help a site get it's rankings back, the data that is being supplied to Google (who in the end hates SEO's because we compete with adwords) is just going to crush our industry!

It won't happen over night but it will happen.

Remember people "GOOGLE HATES YOU"

And some of us have been

And some of us have been warning that Google has been turning "us" in to the human portion of the algorithm and doing the things they can't do programatically for them. Can't solve it with an algo? Make it a rule or a tool and let the SEOs do it for you. I believe I even made an obscene gesture about this in yesterday's HOA. 

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