Yahoo under Fire for Agency API Snub - Again...

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Controversy Mounts over Yahoo! API Access
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Yahoo are copping flak over rumours that it's snubbing analytics firms and agencies over over access to it's API, the lifeblood of these firms.

We reported a few weeks back on this, and i managed to speak to one Yahoo! rep who told me that nothing could be further from the truth. Whether that has changed, or there is something in the air for real, im not sure. It would certaintly appear that there is enough smoke to suggest a fire but untill an official statement from Yahoo! is made, i guess we're still in the dark.

It's odd though, a couple of statements were made, albeit in a low key way to the SEM industry yet still the rumours persist.

Truth or not, we could certainly use an official statement on the Y! search blog, or here, or anywhere else for that matter on a topic that's in danger of getting overheated...



Possibly it's more of a teething issue with setting up a new service, in that not everyone on either side of the company knows entirely how the service is supposed to be set-up.


To add to the statements above made on forums and blogs by Y! reps, see barry's post, quoting this email he got from Y!

Yahoo! Search Marketing's (Overture) position on APIs and open access has not changed. We support all advertisers, SEMs and agencies that desire to have direct access through APIs, and continue to expand the numbers of companies participating in our program.
- In addition, we've been working proactively with web analytics companies to determine how they would like to add value to their customers' campaign tracking needs, how we can expand our API program to help them achieve that, and how that can extend the value of advertising on Yahoo! and the Overture network. This does not represent a change in policy for Overture / Yahoo!

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