Men Don't RTFM

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You might have heard me bitching about my loss of sound on my PC over the last few weeks. I've been on the Gentoo forums trying to get people to help me with my ALSA config, been on the phone to the shop about my fine Harmon Kardon Soundstick 2 speakers and have generally tried everything to restore sound.

Just before boxing them up and sending them back to the shop, Mrs W insisted that we download the manual to check that. As a bloke, i have a built in aversion to RTFM - it's just not what men do!

It turns out that i had the mute button on....


It's not just the Brits.

My education AND experience tell me it's a man thing. Same as men never asking for directions when they appear to be lost.

I'm sure the ladies here will agree :-]

Good point!

I've changed the title, i think (and so does Ivana) that that's about rigt Wit...

Learning experiences

Now come on, Nick, let's not go quiche-eating here.

What's the best way to learn? From your mistakes.
What's the best experience? Real-life or read in books?

Change that title again...



It turns out that i had the mute button on....

Lmao! But...I've done similar. :)

Best way to learn

*Other peoples mistakes*. I would rather point and laugh (and remember not to do what they did) than have the poo on me :O)

There's never a mute button on where you really need it...


That is too funny Nick. Hope you thanked Mrs W ;)

Must be a bloke thing - sounds just like my hubby. You're spot on with the directions too Wit.


Spot on, Nick! (and very manly of you to admit it! ;-)


*snicker* Needless to say, my husband was unimpressed with my enjoyment of this thread....

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