Yahoo! & FindWhat in Patent Court Catfight this Month

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Yahoo & FindWhat Face Off In Court This Month On Patents
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Kevin Newcomb reports for Clicz on the upcoming court battle in a bid for placement paid ad catfight.

The dispute centers around the bid-for-placement business model and technology used by both Yahoo!'s Overture division and FindWhat. In July 2001, Overture was granted U.S. Patent No. 6,269,361, "System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine." Yahoo! claims the patent protects its bid-for-placement products and another patent it holds protects its account management tools.

FindWhat had just recently tried to get the issue slung out of court and failed, what follows could hold big implications for Yahoo's Search marketing division...


don't know the specifics, but

...if it's one more of them catch-all patents then... Dunno... If there's any sanity left in the courts dealing with patents, Yahoo will probably loose which is good, otherwise i suppose Google is next on the bench

Google is done

I suspect it is the same patent that Overture made an out of court settlement with Google about last year. That settlement alone, I believe, will be a strong argument in a similar case against FindWhat - and all the others next in line.

Future: PPCSEs = Yahoo + Google

Yeah, I thought I heard a year or two ago that the settlement between Overture/Yahoo and Google basically meant that Yahoo could then feel free to sue every other PPCSE out of business. The fact that Google had to settle meant that Yahoo had the goods, and could then crush anybody they wanted. It's just a matter of time... (Unless the courts get their head outta their butt, which is about as likely as, well, the courts getting their head outta their butt.)

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