Black Hat Is Dead, White Hat Is On The Run.

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Back when the Boston marathon suspects were running from the police, my buddy Kenny Hyder tweeted what seemed like the most poetic tweet in the SEO industry of 2013. Then Kenny's tweet struck a cord with me, and now it seems all to relevant.

Not long ago we found out that Google is now driving all traffic to the HTTPS version of their site, thus driving "not provided" to 100%. Now it looks like a so called "bug" is taking query data out of Google Webmaster Tools as well. Google claims it will have this bug fixed in a few days. But the supposed bug underscores a hard truth: Google can take away everything SEOs use, if they want to.

When Google launched Panda and Penguin, many of us quitely agreed that it would make the web a better place, and force our clients to do better marketing. Because the truth is, both of those updates were geared towards cleaning out, and stopping black hat techniques. But now with the removal of keyword data, it seems as if Google is targeting white hat tactics as well just to sell more ads.

So with that its safe to say that: black hat is dead, white hat is on the run.


Blackhat is dead?

I personally think blackhat will only die when and if SEO dies. Yes, the easy blackhat stuff is gone but so is all the easy whitehat stuff.

But you are right Google is moving towards being the destination and not just the journey and that means all the SEO whitehat or black is not going to help you.

I have been against knowledge graph from day 1, not because I didn't think it was a good idea but because Google never do anyting by halves. Eventually knowledge graph will be Google. Page 1 will be all ads and knowledge graph (like when you search for "epilepsy symptoms" ) So what will be our SEO tips then? try to get your links into wikipedia?

We SEO's are so busy fighting each other over the scraps that google leaves us that we aren't seeing the real enemy. Google. That might sound melodramatic but let's see what the serps look like in 5 years time.

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