A voixx search engine, really!

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Vioxx Serch Engine
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An Irish friend just emailed me the link to this. It looks like it is a new SEO project from a SEO company called Neilsen Technical Services in MN. They go out and spider the sites that obviously pass their editorial guidlines.

In addition to the Vioxx Search Engine we also offer patient referrals to qualified law firms who may or may not be included in our search engine results. Any lawyer referrals we make are based on our personal experience and not any kind of legal training, or involvment in the legal profession. You must decide for yourself which Vioxx law firm best meets your needs and will look out for your interests.

Contact us for advertising options. We do not accept paid listings in our search results. We do not exchange links.

Talk about search becoming verticalised eh!

The developer is a member of SEOby - has anyone heard of this lot. They seem to have their own meta-tag (which he doesn't use on his own site).

The organization name comes from the SEOBy Meta tag that was created in 2002 by Nielsen Technical Services of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. The tag is intended to provide a verification system to identify the source of the optimization that has been applied to a specific web site. SEOBy means "Search Engine Optimization By".


Yup, that's mine...

Your post got my attention and I've just joined...

Thanks for pointing out we didn't have the tag on our site(s). Our main site was just trashed and we have not put it right yet. The tag is not being used yet, so it doesn't make much difference. Still, it should be there as you have noted...!

VSE is not really a SEO project, although I did optimise the site. It's really a search engine project and I hope will be the first of many small, vertical SEs.

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