New Adsense Features - Real Time Channel Stats

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New Adsense Features
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Adsense publisher will be happy with the announcement that Google have added some new features to the publishers toolkit, the most significant being real time channel stats.

The other two, that are listed on the above Google announcement and covered by Jen in her write up here, are just fluff, the meat is in the channel tracking as it brings some much needed functionality to the toolset.

As you can see, Jen is happy...

The introduction of on-the-fly channel stats is a most welcome change. As someone who routinely tests out new placements/colors/etc, this change makes it much easier to see the immediate results, instead of waiting two days which can negatively affect income if the new test did not work as well as the previous.



'bout time. Just as Jen said, it was such a negative for publishers wanting to get proactive with placement and other fine tuning.

I noticed this today whilst checking stats and was blown away. This is simply a win-win. Now people are more likely to make smart changes and be more motivated to try doing so.

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