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Bill Gurley
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Somewhat offbeat for Threadwatch, but this ITConversations recording of Bill Gurley at Web 2.0 had me absolutely riveted this morning...

He talks about the massively big business of MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Some of the weirder facts to come of it include:

  • Korean police have investigated and prosecuted theft of virtual property in world
  • You can buy apparel for your characters in some games, that becomes old in 6mts!
  • There are 9 million users of one game in China

It's a short listen, but pop it on, even if you don't have time to play games, it's facinating stuff...

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I believe I've also covered trojans that specifically try and steal MMORPG equipment.

In Orlando..

I spoke in length about making money on MMORPGs. Seems he had a number of bots that simply made their character earn money or experience automatically. Then there are offshore houses where people are used instead of bots. Either way, the money / goods / weapons from the games end up being sold on eBay.

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