AP Takes On Google News

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AP challenges Google News
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AP are "in negotiations" with Google over licensing their content, which Google currently picks up gratis. In an LA Times article that looks at the differences between Yahoo News and Google News they mention that AP are not happy, but not suing. Yet...

After recently being sued by French news agency AFP, and consequently backing down, it looks like there could be more trouble brewing for GOOG's news service.

The idea that Google forgot to put ads on their news beta, is quite frankly, ludicrous. This is why there are no ads...

Executives from Associated Press are also concerned about Google and other news aggregators that pluck stories from the Web instead of paying for them. They have not sued Google or asked Google to remove AP stories from the news service but said they were in negotiations, trying to persuade the Internet company to buy a license.

"We believe AP content has value online, and we expect to be compensated for it," said Jane Seagrave, director of new media at AP.

Damned if you do...

If AP manage to force Google to purchase a license for publishing their stories, it will set a precedent that other agencies and sites could follow.

If Google refuse, and AP object/sue, then hundreds of sites, just as in the French case, could be affected, and Google News loses a valuable part of it's service.

Whatever happens next, it'll be interesting for sure...


Just think of it..

..unless Nick threatens to sue Google News (now there's a thought) then in a few months Threadwatch might be Google sole source of news :-)


Is it just me or does anyone else think the news media has no idea how the internet works? My goal is to get as many eyeballs on my site as possible any way I can. There are many news sites that seem to go out of their way to close off avenues to create visitors.

They seem to be absolutely in love with user turn offs; subscription only, requiring registration or kicking out search engine spiders. If they do not want the visitors I will gladly take them.

I understand that they would not like wholesale copying of article but small snippets that drive traffic to the site. What is their problem?

i smell a back office deal in the works

Hopefully Google and the AP cna realize there is enough money for both of them. I bet they announce a deal and keep the financial information very quiet.

Is it just me or does anyone else think the news media has no id

Thats a fair point but...

I've been saying for a while that I forsee a time when the major content providors look to charge the SE's for their content. News search is just the first stage in this move imho. I can see exclusive deals being made in web search between content providors and search companies. Who wants to bid for the exclusive right to spider the BBC...going...going...

I think much of it has been spured by Googles valuation, there must be a lot of content sites looking at those $ and thinking "where is my share?".

Should get more if they license it

If Google pays Reuters to license their content, they should carry the full stories, with ads, to differentiate the deal from run of the mill Google News. If Reuters wants cash, they shouldn't get the traffic.

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