Rich Snippets Abuse (or Not?)

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Here's an interesting result I stumbled across yesterday. I couldn't recall a standard supported Rich Snippet that could have caused this display... A two-second check showed it was "hrecipe" markup that was picked up by Google.


Can we mark up all our how-to articles as recipes to get them look like this? It does draw attention in search.

SEOs have tried abusing Rich Snippets for a while now. There's even a Report form for this (which, again, shows Google can't figure things out sometimes without our help). Google can even use a manual action against rich snippets abusers. But is this really an abuse?

It isn't claiming it's a recipe. It's good for an eye (the snippet, I mean) and the image is kind of relevant too.

I almost wish Google could support something of the kind to markup how-to content (guides, tutorials, step-by-step), etc




oooh, very interesting! no idea if G would disapprove, but i like it!

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