Yahoo News gets a New Look

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As previously reported, Yahoo! News has been set to revamp for some time now. Well, they've done it, and it's out in (gasp..) Beta heh...

Not bad looking, some new features for adding rss sources to your reading and a revamped tabbed look - nothing much else to say on it really - but it is an improvement.

The only thing the design team missed IMO is a little vertical margin on the tabs, for those of us with less than perfect eyesight, that have our text sizes jacked up a little, the tabs split to a second line, and don't look pretty...


did they read my mind?

- i've been working with another project that does some of the same things as they've done here. Although the thing i've been working with does it a lot better, of course.

Really interesting - i've just emailed the News Beta link to some major stakeholders in the other project. It was not easy convincing them that this was the path to take, but i managed to do it anyway (that's almost a year ago now) and i guess they'll feel quite good about it now that they see the Yahoo News beta, as that's a site that's got a larger audience. I had only hoped that we would be first to launch something like that, but those others just don't do Beta's. Still, we will take it a few steps further than Y!News and that's comforting in a way.

Uhm... guess that the above doesn't make much sense, but i can't be more specific. Anyway, Yahoo has done some right things here, IMHO.

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