Threadwatch SEO Pub Meet - 28th May Stansted, UK

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SEO Pub Meet - 28th May London Stansted
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On the weekend of the 28th of May 2005, it's all systems go for serious networking amongst some of the finest SEO's and Affiliate marketers in the world...

So What's the Plan?

No different from when we first posted about it, it's meet, greet and drink at the Downhall Hotel in Stansted over the weekend of the 28th May. The official gig is on Saturday, with members arriving on Friday and leaving Sunday for the most part.

Who Should come?

Any TW members that want to mix it up over drinks and talk SEO all weekend long. Simple as that.

We're working on making this as family friendly as possible so partners and kids are most welcome.

Who's Already Coming?

Check the previous thread for atendee's so far. Many from the UK of course, with a smattering of US hardcore SEO types making the flight to Stansted. The meet is the weekend before the SES London 2005 gig, so those flying in for that, are welcome to join us for a less formal netoworking weekend beforehand.

What does it cost?

Nothing. It's 100% free, though we'd love it if you would paypal some beer money that we can put behind the bar :) Please use

Non Commercial - But Will Accept Beer Money

If you want to get a mention in the one and only speach of the day, then you can join the half dozen or so other companies and forward the good boys and girls of TW some beer money. Email me at or see the previous thread for more details.

There will be no banners, sectioning off, or staged pitches at the event, if you want to promote something, you'll have to do the rounds like eveyone else and simply talk to as many people as you can...

If you've not signed in....

I know there are quite a few people that have not signed in to the original thread - please do so here if you plan to attend, or email me at if you're a big scaredy cat ok? We really do need to get an idea of figures...

Booking Details

  • £85 per night Bed and Breakfast
  • £95 per night Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal Single Room
  • £125 per night Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal Double Room.

Please make all bookings direct with Sarah at the Down Hall Hotel on +44 1279 732169 or email her on mentioning "Threadwatch" when you make contact.

If anyone has additional info to add, give it in the comments and i'll add relevant bits to this post.

See you all there...


Wannabe SEO

Robyn is all set to go, she has her ticket and is looking to make plans for dinner on Friday night....


Glad to see she is growing up in the true spirit of SEO.

As an SEO she does most of her work during the night and needs to protect her eyes during the day. :)

Sue and Daniel also coming along with a few Strange Logic Essex girls and boys.

Not yet booked....

...but almost certainly going to come. Tend to leave things til the last minute.

Thanks for the booking reminder.

any ideas for things to do the 3 days between Threadwatch and SES?


drink, smoke, shag, eat?

Other than those 4, pretty obvious, options, we are aiming at putting together a long list of stuff available for the family to do in and around the area.

Watch this space :)

things to do?

it's England in the spring. Even my little hardened heart gets all proud of living here then.

Sit in Greenwich park watching the tourists, go visit all the free museums in london, drive along the south coast and see quaint places and castles (and more tourists). Come to Brighton and drink in the beach bars. Go gawp at Stonehenge.....

Has Robyn stolen your sunglasses then Nick?


Robin is getting HUGE! I only wish I could afford to pop over and see her and her mum next month.

Oh, and it'd be nice to see the rest of you lot too... but so it goes. ;-)


Danny sends his regrets, but has put a wad of cash behind the bar to buy everyone a drink, thanks danny!

Sorry you can't make it :(


Thanks Mr S :)


so do we have entertainment (aside from drinking) planned? Only I was just reading DG's blog and the greased pig chase sounds like it could be fun to watch....


I've heard tell of several beer drinking type games but nothing to do with pigs im afraid gurtie :(


bought a plane ticket. unless ill I should attend. :)

If I could

Find a way a reasonable way from Bretagne (near Brest) where I will be the weekend before, I would attend.

So far, I haven't found anything that can get me there withoug half a dozen transfers and treks across cities. For travellers from North America Stanstead Sucks.


Easyjet fly La Rochelle to Stansted for less than £15. Getting to La Rochelle might be a pain but you have a week to do it and it can't be more than a days drive down the coast....

or get a train to Paris. Flights galore from there.

Find a way a reasonable way from Bretagne (near Brest)

You could walk it from there ;)

flybe go from Brest I think, straight into Birmingham, get limo from Birmingham to Stanstead.



Or Dinard

Dinard-Stansted 19.99 Euros, with Ryanair, but you've got a 3.5 hour drive through Brittany.

I'd go with NFFC's suggestion - the train line is pretty decent from the Midlands to Stansted as well (as far as I remember).


Aaron, fantastic news!

AB, i really hope you find a way, but i can' offer anything in way of help on travel im afraid...

"from North America Stanstead Sucks"

Stanstead isn't very far from Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton.. most major airports have rail or coach connections, taxis, or you can hire a car.





Take the bus

National Express Coaches run a good connection service round the London Airports.

Running that link on their database shows about 30 buses from London Heathrow to Stanstead on 28th May.

Whenever I have used them round London Airports they have run to time, are cheap and efficient. They run from the Central Bus Terminal at Heathrow


"from North America Stanstead Sucks"

I'll admit that it isn't the best Airport to get to from North America but from Europe it rocks!

Plus it's all London, so the connectivity is pretty damn good as Chris and Cornwall both showed :)

Well it looks as if

there are a mumber of ways to get there, I shall make arrangements and plan on being there.


If you're attending, and have not said hi in this thread or the previous, please do so! Big girly cowards can email me at nick - :)

You'll notice i put a little promo link on the top of the page also, not too distracting i hope....


Taxi from Heathrow to the Hotel is GBP85 plus parking charges - to go from the hotel to another hotel in Westminster after the gig it is GBP65. I called a taxi company close to the hotel to call thinking this would be the cheapest way to go.

Seems car hire is cheaper - even for the weekend.

I'm a virgin

and this'll be my first SEO do. I'll be there on Saturday. I live in Southend and it's a short drive. Those of you with kids may want to Google "Peter Pan's" (Southend beach).

I'm a teetotaller, hope that's OK. (It's not true that you shouldn't trust the guy who's not drinking :-)).


Don't worry Yes, you won't be alone - i won't be joining you in your abstenance, but you're not the only one :)

Glad you can make it...

Jenstar will be making an appearance also btw... looks like the attendee lineup is shaping up nicely...


Just curious - how many people are staying all day Sunday and leaving for SES on the Monday?

I'm a teetotaller

At least two of us then Yes, at least I'll have someone else to bore.

I am not teetotal

But I am as they call it in these parts not very "beer hard" (ie. can not drink much) so will not be drinking very much :O)

But I am as they call it in these parts not very "beer hard"

Where an earth do you live? We call that Girlie down here ;) [or shandy pants, smartie bladder etc etc]


>>We call that Girlie down here

ooh - a challenge....


"Beer Hard" is pronounced "Beeraard"

I live in south yorkshire and work in west yorkshire, I am called a "beer poof" too but that is a little less PC ;O)


>>beer poof

Well, it may not be PC, but i dont care - we were due to have a couple of gay mates of ours over this weekend (they didnt make it unfortunately) and we refer to them as "the aunties".

Both men would drink anyone here under the table 3 time over i reckon :)


>how many people are staying all day Sunday and leaving for SES on the Monday?

I'm staying Sunday then off to Beford for a meeting before going on to London.

PS: I drink a glass or 2 of wine now & then.


Hi, Just a short message to say that I'll be attending and I look forward to meeting you all.

and the forecast is....

standard bank holiday weekend (cloud, sun, more cloud) - I wouldn't bring buckets and spades.

Someone please post pictures!

I can't make it. :(

I'll be traveling in a 27' Winnebago (Winne-barge) to drive from Denver to the Grand Canyon and back with my family.

I just hope to survive the trip.

Ok gimpy

Would you like a wager on that?


ukg, you lose. NFFC went to Barcelona with a few of us recently --he's no longer drinking.

Yeah its true

If I had not seen it with my own eyes I may of agreed with you but you have just lost the bet, he did not touch a single drop, as they say "he's on the waggon"

ukgimp, seeing as you lost the bet did you mean it's a pint of lager for everyone attending the stansted meeting.

is that what you meant matey??


A pint of lager for everyone attending


I did try to warn you Rich...

paragon of virtue?

He still harbors "unclean thoughts"....


Is anyone else feeling slightly nervous about walking in amongst this lot? :)

Is anyone else feeling slightly nervous about walking in amongst

Yes - I am - and I've met most of 'em before ;-)

Don't worry - you're in good company.

its just a bit of friendly banter

Don't worry Gurtie its just a bit of fun, you will be OK...honest

Is there

Any chance of some sort of picture gallery so we can see what everyone looks like before the event? I have seen pics of some people but it would be nice to have names to faces before we walk in and start talking GoogleBowling to some shower curtain rep ;O)

Hey eurotrash..

Nice pic - who's the guy?

I think

I'm the bottom half.


>Yes - I am - and I've met most of 'em before


Lift from Midlands

I'm driving down from Staffordshire (near Birmingham) on Friday with DougS & PaulH. Room for one more if anyone wants a lift. Not far from Birmingham Airport if anyone needs a lift from there


What is the plan for saturday? Do people just turn up in the bar as and when they feel like it or is there a certain time to be there not to miss anything?


was the plan chris, hotel bar - we'll take it from there...

I'm in...

Just booked for Friday night, will be going home on Saturday :( Going to be a long weekend...


Early drinkers :O)

Will enquire about friday night then as might be a bit of a rush getting down and checked in for 2. Clare is going to make the credit cards crack to get her own back for this ;O)


The phone has been tinkling a bit with breathless and excited Threadwatchie's. Any last miniute larry's on the verge would be well advised to make the trip, this is going to be killer!

Transport Links

A friend of mine from central london is accompanying me to the SEO meet.

Would anyone have any idea whether there are late trains running etc?

Late trains

Stanstead express trains only seem to run till 23.30, but there may be one at 00.30 you would need to check by phone to clarify
Busses appear to run later


Apologies to everyone for being away. I'm back now though!!

The high noon of the conference is nigh and I am busy munching pizza like a madman (You'll see why when you get there) and there are still rooms available if you haven't booked yet.

Speak to Sarah at the hotel by pressing the following numbers on your phone.

+44 1279 732169

We've had promises of the bar staying open till we want it to close and even baby minding facilities via the SafeHands network or on 0870 8446688, so you and your partner can enjoy the evening delights without worry or concern.

I have heard rumours that SPAM is not on the menu but higher class alternative fair is available for everyone. I still have a feeling that SPAM will be consumed aurally if not orally!

I look forward to seeing you all there Friday afternoon / early evening when I make it down there :)


make sure you check in at the friday night dinner sign up Jason...


Ivana tells me it's going to be pretty hot over this weekend, anyone know if the hotel has a beer garden?

Warning! Im bringing me shorts...


The hotel has some superb grounds so bring your shorts.

Tried to make it for Friday evening...

Left house for airport in good time.

Thirty minutes down the road hit traffic jam caused by demonstration.

Two-and-a-half hours later turned around and drove home.

Shall try rail and another airline tomorrow - see you for lunch?! (Grrrrrr!)

see you tomorrow

aiming to be up there for lunch as well!

Got here

Just have to gather courage to speak to people! :O)



It's easy, just find some common ground. Go up to anyone there and say "Don't you think that RC is a pompous ass?"

Tried that

They replied "I'm sorry, I am here for a wedding" ;OP

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