Google's Knowledge Graph Content Land Grab

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It seems that Google announcing a new Knowledge Graph results are becoming more frequent. As of yesterday they announced a Knowledge Graph result for "Car Model" searches. (I am sure Edmunds, Motortrends and other car sites are thrilled!)

How do you feel about Google content land grab? When do you think it will stop? Do you find it fair? - We are all trained to use or Rich Snippets tp help feed the Knowledge Graph, but if Google is going repurpose that content for their own what is the point? In many Knowledge Graph results we do not even see Google citing the source of the data.

Also, look how much space the knowledge graph takes up in mobile search results:

(image source)


It only makes sense

It makes perfect sense. The breadcrumbs have been there all along. In Sergey Brin's profile on the Management page of Google it outlines some of his acedemic papers while at Stanford, including such hits as...

Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web; Dynamic Data Mining: A New Architecture for Data with High Dimensionality, which he published with Larry Page; Scalable Techniques for Mining Casual Structures; Dynamic Itemset Counting and Implication Rules for Market Basket Data; and Beyond Market Baskets: Generalizing Association Rules to Correlations.

The semantic web that is emerging has been a goal of Google, it's founders and many engineers since the internet was founded. It should be no real surprise to see this coming to fruition. It's only in Google's interest to push the value of organic rankings down, further funneling more people into Adwords - again no real surprise. I don't see this new feature popping up in more searches about (just) a land grab as much as a logical progression of their search product honestly, it just conveniently also has the effect of pushing organic searches down just a little bit more.

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