Bogus Blogs Bait Users

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Bogus blogs snare fresh victims
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Filtering firm Websense said 'bogus blogs' are on the rise, often stuffed with key logging software and other trojans. The article is chock full of bloggie buzz words ;)

Now it estimates that there could be more than 200 bogus blogs in existence that are being used to attack net users.

By comparison blog-watching service Technorati estimates that there are more than 8 million blogs in existence.

Anyone visiting the baited blog and falling victim to the keylogger could find that they have bank accounts rifled by the phishing gang behind the bogus website.

Also, anyone remember if Technorati said there were 8 million 'active blogs' or was the number of blogs being updated smaller?


better title?

Bogus Blogs Bait Blokes


200 bogus blogs sounds like a low number

bet some companies have over that by themselves.

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