Some title's just suck.

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It should probably be called "Search News" or "Various links" - but i realized while writing it, i dont click titles like that, ever...

However, now you're here, here are, various links...

I woke up with a wee hangover this morning, each of those could do with it's own thread but im still working on the cure...


Google gettin' heavy with the law over Froogles

Richard Wolfe, a disabled Holtsville, N.Y., carpenter [...] started the Web shopping site in March 2001, before Google introduced Froogle in December 2002.

However, the third judge on the ICANN panel dissented, saying [...] Wolfe is using a confusingly similar name in a bad-faith attempt to compete with Google's business, the judge concluded.

le sigh.


these psychic passing-off attempts are getting beyond a joke...

Google as Wal Mart

Heh, Nick, and this one was just natural!

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