WSJ Online Beats Print for Profitability

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WSJ's Online Success: Not Bad News
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Probably preaching to the choir here but as if you needed yet another reason why online beats print, here is the news from Wall Street Journal via PoynterOnline...

Earnings plunged by 54 percent at the newspaper's parent Dow Jones & Co., with its fledgling online operations earning more money for the first time than the flagship Journal and the weekly Barron's.

The costs associated with a print publication are massive in comparison to online, these cost savings can be plowed into marketing or passed on to the reader. Also in certain markets the readers work or life style actually makes online a better match. For example, business people sat at their desks might not just want headlines but to be able to gather historical and complimentary information. With the proliferation of PDAs and intelligent mobile phones the commuter scenario is also becoming more accessible.

What can possibly save the print news?


tabloid format

- seems to be one way forward. Broadsheet is too big to read in a comfortable way, especially in buses, trains, at the kitchen table, in bed, at a café... well, generally in most locations. Targeting is another option, the niche newspapers that don't try to cover all and please all generally do better, afaik. Also, free handed-out newspapers (ad-financed) seems to do well.

Commuter papers

The only paper I find myself reading now is the free commuter paper, Metro, this seems to confirm your thoughts Claus

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