Shopping Carts - Time to Take Another Look?

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3rd party shopping carts
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These "recommend a cart" threads crop up from time to time on all boards, it's worth revisiting them every once in a while though if only to see what progress various carts have made and if opinions on said carts have changed any.

WPN member radiosale starts out with this:

Im using paypal as my shopping cart but I need to have an accurate shipping cost and would like to offer discounts from time to time. does anyone have an opinion on zonacart or ezcart? I would like a simple one that will be easy to convert my paypal shopping cart to an new one. I would like to keep paypal as my payment choice.

And of course in the time honored tradition of product recommendation threads the replying members completely ignore the original posters requirements and start dribbling on about their favorite carts.

I'd be dissapointed if they didn't :)

Lots of panty throwing at osCommerce of course and a nice note from Bruce Townsend of Actinic. There's even a lovely piece of humiliating in thread moderation directed at some poor soul unfortunate enough to spot the opportunity and try a little self promo (notice bruce got a way with it though eh?)

Fun for all the family, worth a peek...